Nye øl: Rocket Brewing Company’s premiereøl

Fredag den 10. oktober har Rocket Brewing Company dansk premiere. Det foregår kl. 18 til 22 ved Kihoskh på Vesterbro, København. Rocket Brewing havde snigpremiere ved Borefts Beer Festival i Holland.

Rocket Brewing Company Club Tropicana

Rocket Brewing Company Club Tropicana (5,4%): Pale Ale

Captain’s Log: There’s a place in space there where drinks are free. It’s a place where Wham is still in fashion, where cutoff shorts are the thing and flamingos are the favorite pet. It’s a place where it says Ray-Ban on the sunglasses and a neon sign welcome you to to Club Tropicana.

Club Tropicana is also a Pale Ale, made from water, malt, hops and yeast.

Ingredienser: Vand, malt, humle og gær.

Rocket Brewing Company Total Eclipse

Rocket Brewing Company Total Eclipse (8,8%): Oatmeal Stout.

Captain’s Log: In the farthest reaches of the universe we experienced a phenomenon called Total Eclipse. A Total Eclipse encases you completely to block out all light from the universe. This eclipse came suddenly, turned everything black, then vanished into thin air a few moments later leaving only the memory behind.

Total Eclipse is also an Oatmeal Stout made from water, malt, oats, hops, sugar and yeast.

Ingredienser: Vand, malt, havre, humle, sukker, gær.

Rocket Brewing Company Zaccharine

Rocket Brewing Company Zaccharine (7,6%): Barley Wine.

Captain’s Log: They say there are no smells in space, but the alluring scent of caramel, yellow fruits, and nuts came at us through the hull of the ship, pulling us into its sticky embrace. By one final effort we managed to pull away from the intoxicating enticement of Zaccharine.

Zaccharine is also a Barley Wine, made from water, malt, hops and yeast, but you can call it Zach.

Ingredienser: Vand, malt, humle og gær.

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