Nye Øl: Rocket Brewing Company Monks On Mars, Sign Of Life

Den kommende uge lancerer Rocket Brewing Company to øl, der er brygget med Brett.

Rocket Brewing Company Monks On Mars

Rocket Brewing Company Monks On Mars (9,4%): Triple with Orange.

Captain’s log: Found in an old Scriptorium outside Brussels was the script of life. It tells the story about a brotherhood of Monks called Order of Cosmos which seemingly grew more and more fond of a red planet. The order believed they should leave Earth to come closer to God. Now only one question remains: Are there monks on Mars?

Ingredienser: Vand, bygmalt, humle, sukker, Brettanomyces og økologisk appelsinskal.

Rocket Brewing Company Sign Of Life

Rocket Brewing Company Sign Of Life (7,5%): Funky Belgian Ale.

Captain’s log: We found a sign of life – we found the monks on Mars. Or at least where they used to live. They seem to have stayed there for quite a while, sustaining life with a unique beer recipe. We sent the recipe back to Earth. A great rock near their settlement had an inscription that read: The Sun is our projector as we go into the eye of god. It must be a clue, but what does it mean and where have they gone?

Ingredienser: Vand, bygmalt, sukker, humle, gær og Brettanomyces.

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